Professional Career

1st December 2000 – Present time, The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) – Senior internal auditor for information security and IT projects in the Chief’s Internal Auditor Office (from 2013), Information Security Manager (from 2009), responsible for managing Information Security Management System (ISMS) for which CBBH received ISO 27001:2005 standard certificate in 2009. First certificate of this kind in central banks in wide region and first in country. Previous positions in the CBBH were IT security specialist (2006 – 2008), network specialist (2000 -2006).

1st December 2000 – Present time, The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (part time job – 8 hours per week) –  from 2000 until 2006Lecturer assistant at the subjects Digital Computers and Operating Systems. In 2006 started to work as assistant on Computer Communication and Networks module, from 2009 I started to work as Associate lecturer (doc.dr) on subject Computer Networks (Osnove računarskih mreža), for third year, B.Sc.

31st October, 2000 – 19th November, 2000 OSCE – support to election process forBosnia andHerzegovina, Counting Center System Administrator (project contract last for twenty days). I was responsible for disaster recovery and backup scheme for database. Also responsible for staff training (500 trainees) in using Kodak scanners and OCR (Optical Character Recognition – Blue Wing) software and mastering equipment, software and managing and helping staff in using equipment. I was working under pressure to achieve election process goals within short time deadlines.

April, 1998 – October, 1999 Management and Information Technologies (MIT) Center Sarajevo, Faculty of Economisc, UNSA – System engineer. I have participated at Distance Learning Project, which was first project of that kind in my country, the main goals were to educate students and professors via Internet, CD’s video and audio conferencing sessions. Responsible for software development; installation, administration (Wingate proxy, Apache web server support etc.) and coordination of local area networks (Windows NT), writing documentation, communication and supporting end users. Under this project I was also responsible for design and installation LAN at the Faculty of Philosophy OASIS Center. This project includes connecting LAN to the Internet.

Also, responsible for establishing small network for Distance Learning Internet node at the Faculty of Economics at theUniversityofBanja Luka

April, 1997 – April, 1998 WUS Interlink Sarajevo, demonstrator and laboratory instructor. My engagement was to demonstrate exploiting Internet resources for students and professors of University inSarajevo, and I was instructor for MS Office software and using computers for the University employees.

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